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Yoga vs. Pilates – What’s the difference?Aug 6, 2018

Yoga and Pilates are easily two of the most popular ways to workout in Melbourne (probably because they go so well with brunch). From South Yarra to Brunswick, there are so many unique wellness studios popping up, all with ultra-trendy décor and their own unique style.

But how do you decide between the two when they seem so similar? Whilst yoga and Pilates are both on-trend, low-impact and amazing for the mind and body, there are actually some pretty major differences between them.

Pilates is all about core strength and would be considered more of a ‘workout’ than yoga. It involves moving through a range of slow yet challenging movements designed to improve strength, posture, and muscle tone. Pilates is also commonly done with equipment and machines, including reformer beds, medicine balls and bands. It’s also great for physical rehabilitation and is effective when practised in combination with sports like footy or athletics.

Whilst yoga can be just as challenging as Pilates, there is more of a focus is on spiritual wellbeing and meditation. It’s all about holding static poses (think downward facing dog) with a focus on deep breathing to cause relaxation. Similar to Pilates, yoga builds muscle and tones the body, as well as improving flexibility. It’s also awesome for the mind and reducing stress.

In summary, if you’re looking to work up a sweat and build the 6-pack you’ve always dreamed of, Pilates is for you. Alternatively, if you’re after a workout that improves flexibility and heals the soul, give yoga a go. One thing is certain – they both go perfectly with a post-workout avo smash or green smoothie.

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