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Wind Down – Wellness Centres MelbourneOct 1, 2018

Making time to wind down and clear your mind can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body, but slides down the priority list for a lot of people.

This doesn’t just mean sitting back and watching Netflix, but making a conscious effort to go group fitness training Melbourne gym and focus on controlling stress levels- something that can even speed up the results of your resistance, cardio and fitness training and allow you to get the most out of the week.

Winding down in the right environment is a personal preference, but Melbourne is one place where you can find light-filled, beautifully designed studios that set the mood as soon as you step in the door. Adjusting your mindset after a busy day at work is easier said than done, so these wellness centres do half the work for you.

Garden of Yoga
10 Separation St, Northcote

Located in Northcote is a nurturing space filled vibrant with art, plants, music and good vibes, offering a range of classes from Gentle Yoga to Antigravity. Painted in a turquoise green colour and blossoming with natural plants, this studio could be your calming escape to focus on yourself.

The benefits of mental relaxation include helping you get rid of excess weight that our bodies hold onto with increased stress levels, and can assist in other types of resistance or more high-intensity forms of exercise by preventing injury and fatigue.

All For One
13 Campbell St, Yarraville

Another boutique Yoga and Wellness Centre located in Yarraville, boasting a warm and friendly atmosphere that radiates from within. This studio is decked out with a bright and sophisticated design, hanging lights and greenery – making it the perfect place to put aside time for yourself.

I Am That Yoga
1/7 Emma St, Collingwood

A Collingwood Yoga Studio off Smith Street that exudes a relaxed, warehouse aesthetic. Offering a variety of classes including Candlelight Sessions and Creative Vinyasa and equipped with infrared heaters, this cosy space could be just what you need to relax your mind and muscles.

FitFNDR has a range of Pilates and Yoga Studios to check out.
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