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HIIT IT! What’s the Hype?Sep 3, 2018

HIIT – the fitness trend that may be well worth the hype.

If you’re unsure of exactly what High Intensity Interval group training Melbourne is, or why you should bother, look no further.

HIIT is a training style that can be a life changer in terms of maximising your progress in the gym whilst minimising the time you spend there, so if you’re a busy bee, or working out isn’t at the top of your priority list, this might be for you.

HIIT  mixes up short bursts of intense activity with rest periods in between, and can consist of exercises that suit your ability and what you enjoy. You can do anything from boxing classes, to treadmill sprints if that’s your thing. The main aim is to use maximum effort and break this up with rest periods, tiring your muscles and getting up your heart rate quickly.

The major plus side to this type of workout is that you burn up more of your body’s energy stores (burning fat) without having to slog away on a treadmill while you watch the tumbleweeds sweeping past.

Aside from the amazing physical benefits that can be achieved with HIIT, you are also strengthening your most important muscle- the heart!
Cardiovascular strength will be improved by pushing your body through a tough work out, and this is something that many people tend to forget about when figuring out their fitness goals. A healthy heart means better overall fitness and will benefit you in daily life!

If you struggle with motivation, doing HIIT in a group environment might be just what you need to get the job done. There’s just something about being surrounded by a group of equally sweaty people that makes you feel like you’ve got to keep going.

If you’re near the Collingwood Leisure Centre and The Richmond Recreation Centre, try out a HIIT class using their new equipment, or get your heart racing with the full body sessions at Fitness Fever in St Kilda.

If personal training is your thing, ask your trainer to throw in a couple of HIIT sessions between resistance training, for the ultimate workout routine. Check out our page to find a trainer near you.

For those with a busy schedule, HIIT can be squeezed in before work, during your lunch break, or before you chill out for the night- there’s no need to do longer than 20 minutes if you’re pushing yourself to do the most you can. Getting a small group of work mates or friends together to do a Tabata (interval exercises) workout like the ones offered at Go Fitness or Solstice Health and Fitness, it be a great way to catch up whilst moving your body into shape!

So- now that you know why HIIT is the hype, check out our list of gyms where you can try it for yourself.

[Click here] to check out the personal trainers, group classes and gyms listed on FitFNDR!

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