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FitFNDR.com – Your Ultimate Fitness DirectoryAug 6, 2018

Melbourne’s fitness scene is the most thriving in Australia at the moment. From nightclub themed exercise classes and tap dancing to ‘broga’ (yoga with your bros), the variety of gyms, classes and fitness studios to choose from is bigger than ever.

Whilst having such an abundance of choice is awesome, it’s also daunting. Do you go down the personal training path or is group training the way to go? Are there any good yoga or Pilates studios nearby? Do you want a gym that specialises in strength training or cardio? And where are the best 24-hour gyms?!

A Google search can help with this, but it doesn’t let you filter your search depending on where you live and the type of fitness service you’re after. Most of the time you’re left with 30 tabs open, feeling even more intimidated and questioning whether it’s even worth it.

This is where FitFNDR.com comes in, the directory that allows you to search for the top fitness services in Melbourne. Through this platform, you can easily filter your search by area and the type of service you’re looking for. From here, check out photos of the services, what they offer, their membership options, their price lists and more.

Still unsure of how it all works? Picture this: You’ve just moved to Saint Kilda, having lived in Fitzroy all your life. You have absolutely no idea where to start when looking for gyms in the Bayside Suburbs. All you know is that you’d like to find somewhere that offers HIIT classes and is also open 24hrs because you work late.

You put ‘HIITT’, ‘24hr’ and ‘Saint Kilda’ into FitFNDR.com, which directs you to three gyms that offer exactly this. After reading up on some info on the gym and having a quick look at some photos and price lists, your mind is made up. Through the contact form on FitFNDR.com, you give your gym of choice a call and organise your first consultation. Too easy!

In the chaotic world that is the Melbourne fitness scene, a comprehensive guide to the best gyms, studios, personal trainers and fitness classes in your area is a lifesaver. From exercise newbies to gym veterans, FitFNDR.com is your one-stop shop for the perfect fitness and wellness services near you.

 [Click here] to search Melbourne’s best gyms, personal trainers, fitness classes & more!


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