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Choosing between PTs, Group Classes & GymsAug 6, 2018

So you’ve made a commitment to getting fit this year. The new runners have been purchased, the fitness Instagram account has been created and you’re ready to go. Congratulations! Now for the hard part: deciding whether to book an appointment with a personal trainer, join a group fitness class or signup for a membership at the local gym.

Each option is bound to get results, but one might be preferable over the other two depending on your budget, lifestyle and personal fitness goals. Let’s break it down to make your choice that little bit easier.

Personal Training

Of the three options, a PT is probably going to get you the best results. This is because all their attention is focused on you, meaning you are going to be pushed harder and further than you would be in a group class or gym setting. They are also able to watch your form and technique like a hawk, reducing your chances of injuring yourself by squatting like a rookie.

Personal trainers customise the program depending on your specific goals and can usually work around your schedule – a huge tick for convenience.

The only real con is cost, as personal training is the most expensive option. The one on one setting can also be a tad intimidating but with the right personal trainer its super motivating.

Group Fitness Classes

If you’re after a more social workout, go for group fitness classes. With enthusiastic instructors, high energy music and a community environment, classes are definitely the most fun option. From F45 and CrossFit to spin classes, there’s a huge range of classes out there to choose from, most of which are priced pretty reasonably.

The only downside is that group classes don’t offer as much one on one attention from the instructor, meaning if you’re a beginner, you’re more at risk of injury. Because of the group setting, you can also get away with not working as hard.

That’s not to say you can’t get great results from group fitness classes! What’s more motivating then pumping iron to workout bangers whilst surrounded by supportive, like-minded people?!

Gym Memberships

Gym memberships are convenient, cheap and totally flexible. You can go at any time (particularly if you choose a 24-hour gym), easily fitting a workout around your busy schedule. Most gyms have a range of membership options on offer, some of which include classes and facilities like a swimming pool or sauna.

You decide the type of workout you want to focus on as well, reducing some of the stress that can come with working out.

One problem is that whether or not you work out is all on you. If you decide you can’t be bothered, there’s no annoyed personal trainer you’re letting down or cancellation fee you still have pay. For most people, however, the convenience, easiness and cost of a gym membership balance out this con.

So there you have it. Looking to knuckle down and see effective results, fast? Book in a personal trainer. Want a fun, energetic and social work out that gets you fit? Group fitness classes. Need something cheap, convenient that easily works into your schedule? A gym membership is your calling.

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