Top Fitness Gym hosts a range of group training sessions run by skilled instructors.

PowerBounce - Created by Top Fitness, this fun workout will help you get a strong core and toned legs.

HIIT - Challenge yourself with high-intensity interval training, incorporating intense periods of working out with small recovery periods. HIIT will keep your body burning fat even after your workout is finished!

TRX Suspension Training - Improve your flexibility and develop your core strength with this workout that utilises body-weight and gravity, originating from the Navy SEALS.

Boot-camp - A circuit style workout that builds fitness, tones muscle and burns fat. You control the intensity at the stations, making this a suitable session for all fitness levels! A women's only class also runs on Sunday mornings.

Dynamic yoga - Traditional yoga combines with Pilates, core work and gym props in this unique workout, promoting flexibility, body-realignment and long, lean muscle development. Private training also available.

Boxing Fitness - Run by instructors with martial art experience, this high-energy class is for anyone of any fitness level!

Top Fitness Gym also offers personal training
More info on their personal trainers [click here]