The A Life looks beyond your symptoms and instead investigates the root cause, in order to facilitate optimal health and freedom of movement using an integrative method of treatment that is unique for you.

Their studio in Fitzroy, Clifton Hill offers a range of Yoga classes with a different focus for each class.


Yoga Flow 

A stronger, faster paced class. Designed for any level mover. Build your stability, strength and balance with the ultimate mindful movement practice.

Yin Yoga 

A blissful, slower paced, mindful class. Feel a deeper stretch in gentle flowing postures that unwind deep connective tissue, joints and ligaments.

Yoga Explore

Newbies, this is for you! Great for beginners – they break it down and get it right the first time for you so you can have a solid foundation of what yoga is.

Strength and Mobility 

In these classes you will be feeling tissues and muscles that you didn’t know you had, pushing yourself to your limit and above all creating more freedom, health and ability within your physical body.

Intro to Handstands 

Begin or continue your journey into the world of handstands. Covering drills, strengthen the wrists, alignment drills and uses the wall to develop your skills.

Movement (weekly workshop only)

Take your movement and mobility to the next level and access skills you have never thought possible. Based on the Ido Portal Method, which has principles of gymnastics, martial arts and dance this is a 2 hour workshop each week that develops your skills from the ground up.

Memberships and Timetable

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The A Team also offers Pilates Classes.
More info on Pilates Classes [click here]