The A Life are here to help you move with ease through Pilates and take an active approach to being pain free. Instructors are experts in the field, and help many clients going through injury rehabilitation, pre and post natal recovery and anyone who wants to take a preventive approach to their bodies and fitness.


Clinical Pilates

Take your time to build your core strength and increase your active range of motion without causing injury or pain. These tailored classes allows instructors to address muscle imbalances and mobility problems using classical Joseph Pilates repertoire and more contemporary functional exercises.

*Currently offering private, duo and trio classes in pilates, call 9041 3332 to book your assessment and secure your class.

Springboard Classes

Up for a challenge? These classes use intelligently designed, spring-based resistance training for deep muscle strengthening and development. Improve your posture and flexibility, correct muscle imbalances and fire up your core with our small group springboard classes.

*Up to 6 people per class.

Mat Pilates 

Connect to the powerhouse of your body! The Mat Pilates classes are both dynamic and mindful, challenging your balance and stability. Feel lengthened, aligned and strong from within.

Using a range of props to challenge your core in multiple ways. Conducted by the team Osteopath who knows combines her background in anatomy, pilates and dance.

Memberships and Timetable

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The A Team also offers Yoga Classes.
More info on Yoga Classes [click here]