S3 Studio is a boutique fitness, wellness and lifestyle studio offering a range of yoga and pilates classes, based in Ripponlea Village.

The studio offers both Clinical Services (Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates) and Group Fitness Classes (S3 Barre, Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, HIIT and Yoga classes). All S3 classes are designed to challenge the body holistically to improve overall stretch, strength and stability.

S3 Studio is the home of S3 Barre - the world's only barre workout designed and choreographed by a physiotherapist!


S3 Barre

The only barre workout in the world designed and choreographed by a physiotherapist! It fuses elements of dance and pilates, cardio and endurance exercises to create an intense and effective full body workout. It’s the ultimate barre workout!

Clinical Pilates

S3 Clinical Pilates is instructed by a physiotherapist and provides an effective form of exercise rehabilitation. After a detailed physiotherapy assessment, we provide individualised programs that are based on your injury history, movement preference and specific health goals. Small group sizes allow us to closely monitor you when using the reformer and trapeze apparatus, ensuring correct technique is always maintained. This is the perfect class for individuals wanting to rehabilitate from injury, manage pain, improve posture and increase functional strength.

Reformer Pilates

The small group Reformer Pilates sessions are designed by a physiotherapist and all programs are specifically targeted to meet your individual needs. In contrast to Clinical Pilates, which is suited for individuals rehabilitating from injury or requiring closer guidance, our Reformer Pilates offers exercise to improve fitness and general well-being.

Mat Pilates

Designed by a physiotherapist, S3 Pilates builds upon traditional pilates principles and exercises to create the ultimate pilates based workout to Stretch, Strengthen and Stabilise! It is highly effective and efficient, but most importantly safe and fun!


Offering a variety of yoga classes - Ashtanga, Yin and Hatha. Each is taught by expert instructors who live, breathe and dream yoga! Each class is tailored to suit all levels - from beginners to advanced participants.

S3 Studio also offers Group Fitness training.
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