Based in South Melbourne, Revolution Personal Training offers a range of group classes taught by an expert team. Operating since 2004, you can be assured that your fitness journey is in experienced hands, and a variety of dynamic classes are available to see you meet your goals.



Bootcamp, as the name implies is designed to have you fit and prepared for anything life may throw at you. Expect to work individually, in a pair or as a team, either circuit-style or task orientated. This is a session where anything goes!


Boxers are among the fittest athletes around and with our ACE (Australian Combat & Exercise) certified boxing trainers, we are armed with knowledge of boxing drills, fitness pad-work and power bags designed for increasing fitness.


Bodyweight and high cardiovascular exercises such as squats, sprinting, pull ups, rowing, burpies, skiing and anything else we can think of will be thrown at you.


Expect multi-joint movements, weighted or bodyweight, interspersed with high cardiovascular activities. Work periods range from 45 seconds to 3 minutes which are interspersed with small rest periods designed for you to not-quite fully recover.


Muscle tightness and muscle weakness are two of the biggest contributors to poor form on the gym floor. Poor form is our enemy because it leads to injury and time taken away from achieving your goal.


Who needs weights? Your body is the best piece of training equipment you could think of so take full advantage of it. Focusing purely on bodyweight exercises you’ll be amazed at how hard you will be working and what you are capable of.


Strength is not just about how much weight you can lift - being strong helps to have good posture, avoid pain and best of all complete daily tasks with ease.


Ever since man (and woman) walked this earth we have had to push, pull, drag and shove things, climb up and crawl under. Take your strength foundations one step further and put them into movements that are directly transferable to the real world.


Our Friday Challenge - The Hustle is all about sealing the week off with a Bang. This daily challenge will push you to your limits with your strength, both mental and physical, muscular endurance and speed - no Hustle will ever be boring!

Revolution Personal Training also offers PT sessions by appointment.
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