Recomp HQ is Australia's premier body recomposition centre.

Located in  Melbourne's CBD, they offer the very best in serious recomposition diets, training programs, coaching & medical optimisation – provided by a team of experienced specialists – making it exceptional private gym!

Recomp HQ prides itself in offering their services to anyone and everyone, their focus is on people with elite attitudes!

The training styles involve no cardio. no starvation. no ambiguity. nutrition prescriptions, measured to the gram. weight training prescriptions, measured to the kilo. Diet & training is assessed & reassessed weekly for the most reliable, rapid body recomposition.

Recomp HQ on Queen Street has 2 fully equipped, private gyms. One functions as the coaching studio, the other is a private gym for clients to work on their programs programs to train themselves.

The private gym is specifically designed to give you the best environment to follow the Recomp programs - and gives you ample space and high-quality equipment to work within a serious training studio.

For more information about programs and memberships head to the Recomp HQ website linked in the contact form.