Productive Health & Wellness in the Rialto Towers are a team of fitness experts on a mission to empower you. Their programs are designed to build health and wellness into your DNA, with a focus on education, self-assessment and pushing boundaries. Their nutrition workshops are science-based and designed for metabolic precision. Choose between the one-off, 6 week or 12 week workshops to learn the ins and outs of healthy eating.

Productive Health & Wellness also believe that corporate wellness shouldn't be boring. This is why they offer unique and dynamic programs for companies to improve the health of their employees. The programs include environmental assessments, team health and wellness assessments and strength and conditioning sessions. These programs have huge benefits for the companies that take part. Increased health and wellness in employees increases productivity, decreases absenteeism and contributes to the overall success of the business!

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Productive Health & Wellness offers personal training & group fitness classes
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