InFitPTv strives to help you to get fit and become stronger than you have ever been in your life.

Offering 1 on 1 training for those who prefer the personal service, small group training for increasing your strength, power and endurance, then Boot Camp classes for the advanced committed trainers.

After just a few weeks you will be in shape moving fast towards the goals you and your coach set for yourself. Choose from one of our SPECIAL OFFERS below or contact us now to get started straight away. Build the body you deserve and feel amazing doing it with InFitPTv.

InFitPTv Corporate Fitness Coaching

Offers 3 core services in their workplace programs, and can offer additional services on request.

The three main services are:

1 on 1 Coaching / Personal Training
Group Fitness Classes
Interactive Team Seminars


InFitPTv Boot Camp is Dockland’s #1 Group Fitness Training Team! These high-intensity classes will vary from day to day, week to week. One session you’ll be doing circuit training with kettlebells, clubs and sandbags. Another day you’ll be running a Beep Test, 3km time trial or do interval sprints. Regardless of the day or evening that you attend, you’ll be sure to get awesome results!