A relaxed, warehouse aesthetic in a quiet cul de sac just off Smith Street, combined with an experienced, fun and welcoming team, a large variety of classes and incredibly affordable rates, I Am That Yoga want to make Yoga more accessible for EVERYone. I Am That – Yoga is a place where anyone can find their Yoga.

The studio is equipped with infrared heaters, (the healthiest, most eco-friendly heaters) allowing us to offer both heated and unheated classes. An abundance of natural light and plants purify the space and we offer all kinds of luxury-level amenities (mats, towels, showers, tea, etc.) at an affordable rate.


Candlelight Sessions

A soulful, mellow, creative class in soothing candlelight is exactly what you need to unwind. Move and stretch out the tensions of the week and let it all go in this late-evening mix, and head home calm, grounded and relaxed. Taught at a warm 27°C, nice and slow in pace, this class is suitable for all levels.

Community Class-Donation Based

Enjoy this special class where newly certified teachers can build confidence and experience.  By attending these classes, you enable newbies to build teaching experience, while you enjoy Yoga at a great price. Cash only, pay what you can and want to. All proceeds go to the teacher.

Suitable for all levels and taught at room temperature.

Creative Vinyasa

Taught at room temperature, this class is a space to grow and change through either rest or movement - the choice is yours. A creative flow class that will give you the space to take it easy, or to push your boundaries.

Use the time in this class to grow your flow or to deepen your rest.

Express 45 minute Flow

A quick break in your day, fill your lunch time with breath, movement and energy. 45 minutes of yoga for all levels, combining flows, breath, mindfulness and stillness. The perfect opportunity to step away from your desk and return revitalized.

Flow & Play

Saturday's are for having fun. Experience over 60 minutes of play time accompanied by pumping music and a Vinyasa flow that will leave you sweating, smiling and feeling oh so good. The perfect start to a night on the town or the perfect finish to a fun filled day.

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Restoring Flexibility, Strength and Stability ...Taught at a slower pace, this traditional Yoga class is perfect for anyone looking to breathe, stretch and regenerate their body in a safe and mindful way. Experience Yoga as practiced in its birth-place: India.
This class is suitable for all levels and ages, but tailored to anyone who requires a gentler and more careful form of movement, and is taught at a comfortable 24°C.

Hatha Yoga 

The father of all Yoga Asana (posture practice), all styles are derived from Hatha Yoga. In this class, we explore a more traditional approach to physical Yoga practice, spending more time on Pranayama (breath work) as well as combined postures and mindfulness. Less dynamic than the Vinyasa styles, this class is suitable for all levels and taught at a comfortable 24°C.

Mellow Flow

Move mindfully through this meditative, chilled out flow in a room heated to 27 degrees. Our mellow flow classes are light and creative, but slower paced and gentler than our vinyasa classes. The nature of this class is great for beginners, but is also wonderful for intermediate and advanced students who feel like slowing it down and sinking deeper into their practice. Sequences invite focus and transitions provide stability, with poses held for longer to ensure time and guidance can be given to alignment and technique.

Power Flow 

Heat, intensity, peak poses. This class is tailored to  anyone who would like a challenge and a pump. Sure to get your heart rate up, the key is to find calm and meditation through challenging and intense flows, and learn to use your breath and your mind to stay within yourself, even as the environment gets harder.


A class that truly reflects its name. 60 minutes of gentle, nurturing poses that are entered, held and left in a comfortable and soft manner. Accompanied by props and soothing music, the goal of this class is to restore what is often lost in the busy day-to-day routine: Comfort, calm and compassion for yourself.

Saturday Soul Saturday

Sweet beats are your weekend treat. Our Saturday morning soul sessions are all about pumping you up for your weekend ahead with fun flows, sweet tunes and a little experimenting. This is a power flow class set at 27 degrees, so you'll be moving dynamically through the sequences in time to the beats.

Sunday Vibes

Lift your spirits and create some positive, Sunday morning vibes in this 60 minute, warm Vinyasa class. Heated at 30°C and accompanied by more upbeat music, teaching and flows, this class is the perfect precursor to your Sunday brunch and the ultimate feel-good session! Suitable for all levels.

Warm Vinyasa Flow

Meditation through movement. Heated to around 30 degrees, these classes are set at an intermediate level but are suitable for all levels. Characterized by dynamic movement (flow), strong postures (asana) and modifications to suit all levels and physical needs these heated Vinyasa classes will get your heart rate and temperature up, without pushing you to your limits.

Suitable for all levels of students, Yin Yoga, the Yoga of surrender, is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular hot slow flow. Yin yoga will target the connective tissues in the body and asanas are generally held from between 1-5 minutes.


A fusion between the powerful and masculine Yang (Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga) and the more nurturing and feminine Yin (Yin Yoga) this class will surely balance out your Chi. Suitable for all levels, you will experience dynamic Vinyasa flows, followed by grounding Yin postures. The room is heated to 27 degrees.