Fitline takes pride in the high standards of their personal training sessions, promising a whole body approach to maximise results and transformations. Their staff are highly trained and extremely passionate about helping their clients reach their full potential, and the equipment is of high quality and kept in great condition.

Personal training sessions at Fitline focus on the 'big 7' lifts to ensure that you are gaining maximum results and building strength. These include:

  • Squats

  • Deadlifts

  • Bench presses

  • Rows

  • Chin-ups / Pull-ups

  • Military presses

  • Dips

Fitline employs four strength and conditioning trainers, each with similar but slightly differing approaches and qualifications. Visit their website to read detailed descriptions of what each trainer has to offer.


Fitline also offers group fitness classes.
More info on group classes [click here]