Downward Duck & Co is a yoga and pilates hub based in Mulgrave, Victoria (close to Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Rowville, Clayton South, Springvale) run by Feren. Offering comfortable and relaxed classes which are catered to all ages and levels in a semi-private format with 10 max per class, there is sure to be something for everyone.

The classes are broken into four categories:







The main focus will be guided meditation with self practice time in blocks of 15/30 minutes allows you to work at your own pace.


Using bolsters, blankets, and blocks we combine our various yin styled asanas with pranayama techniques to slow the mind and relax the body.


Teaching you the fundamentals of Yoga

All Levels 

Generally incorporates a slow flow style and the second half of the class will be much more yin yoga styled, which is generally a slower and deeper pace.


A more vinyasa styled session aimed at building strength and stability.
The class is suitable for those who want a moderate - faster paced class with creative asana flows and options.


Downward Duck & Co also offers Pilates Classes.
More info on Pilates Classes [click here]