Davey Black Fitness is run by husband and wife team Steve & Marie. With the aim of providing a safe, supportive and effective training option for anyone who needs a guiding hand towards their health and fitness goals, they are there to support you regardless of your current fitness levels.

We specialise in pre and post natal training, offering routines that are safe, functional and interesting to maintain your fitness throughout your pregnancy, and help you to get back to where you want to be post pregnancy.

The trainers design your sessions to make the most of the limited amount of time you have available to exercise. Every session is specific, dymanic and targeted to your needs.


Strength and Conditioning 

Designed to strengthen your whole body and improve overall mobility. The S&C sessions will increase core strength, help prevent injury, improve your posture, help make moving through life easier, and impove your overall sporting performance.

Black Yoga 

Black Yoga is a strength based, basic body flow movement class ideal for those new to yoga. It improves core, strength and flexibility and aims to challenge you physically.

White Yoga

White Yoga is a relaxation and release class using stretching, foam rollers and release techniques to improve your mobility and flexibility and restore your muscles to good health.

Female Only Fitness 

The Female Only Fitness sessions provide a comfortable and motivational environment for women of all ages and fitness levels to train under the guidance of highly experienced female coaches.

Pre and Post Natal Fitness 

For women thinking about becoming pregnant, or who are already pregnant, the Davey Black Fitness 4Q methodology will help prepare your body for childbirth and maintain overall fitness during pregnancy.
For post-natal mums, the sessions will provide a low intensity and gradual re-build of fitness until you are ready to graduate back to higher intensity classes. Our specialist coaches and later sessions times have been developed with new mums in mind.

Interval Training 

Our metabolic conditioning sessions SWEAT and MOVE blend the four quadrants of movement to give you a superior style of training that gets the heart rate high and the metabolism kick started.

Boxing Interval Training 

The Davey Black Boxing sessions combine all the best bits of Boxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Circuit and Strength Traning to provide a full body work out that tones the upper body, core, butt and legs as well as increasing overall cardiovascular stamina.

Kids & Junior Fitness 

The kids & junior fitness classes are based on child & adolecent fitness protocols and designed around age appropriate exercises and activities.


Davey Black Fitness also offers personal training.
More info on Personal Training [click here]